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Our activities include earthworks and planting, the construction of structural outdoor facilities such as walls, paths and paved areas, stairs, seating areas, pergolas, ponds, green roofs, facades and irrigation and drainage systems.

We at Finke Landschaft + Straße see ourselves as resource savers, offering our customers the optimal solutions for their construction projects.

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Sewer construction

Sewer construction is one of our success factors. We are your competent partner for your projects.

We build stormwater retention basins, stormwater overflow basins, storage sewers as well as infiltration systems and cisterns to relieve existing sewer systems.

Our customers are commercial private investors, general contractors and municipalities.

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Industrial areas exterior facilities

Full-service civil engineering firm, we offer paving/asphalt work, as well as fencing, walls and plantings.

Our scope of work extends from north to south, west to east.

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Sustainable dewatering

As a service, we develop a sustainable drainage system with you and for you. This should be aligned according to modern ecological aspects. The long-term goal is to discharge and store the rainfall appropriately.

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Modern working methods

In today's world, modern technologies and innovative solutions are essential to meet the increasing demands of the construction industry. Our company relies on state-of-the-art 3D/GPS machine control for our excavators, dozers and graders to provide our customers with the highest precision and efficiency. By means of photogrammetric drone flights, we are able to determine the optimal material quantities and precise mass determinations on your construction site.